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Take a trip

Come see what the Lord is doing in Tanzania.  Come with your family, a church group, college or high school students...

ABWE’s Expedition program offers a variety of opportunities for high school students, youth groups, and youth pastors. From practical training and mentorship to overseas team trips, Expedition helps students discover more about God: who He is, His heart for the world, and the responsibility He has given us.

College Internships:

"ABWE’s IMPACT program offers a variety of opportunities for college-aged students. From practical advice and counseling to internships or team trips, IMPACT provides clarity as students focus on God: who He is, His heart for the world, and the responsibility He has given us." 

Short term {6 months or more}

Short-term opportunities are available for short-term vocational ministry through ABWE’s short-term program, that provides opportunities for individuals who are post-college. Whether you are a nurse, educator, computer technician, pastor, engineer, etc., you can be used to the fullest in cross-cultural service as a part of our global team."

Joining our team as full-time missionaries in Tanzania!  We need help!

"Whether you are looking at your first career decision out of college or a second or third career in your life, ABWE has ways that you can serve. Most of the time, "career missions" means a long-term commitment to a particular ministry. As the world around us changes, ministries are changing as well. Missionaries, just like pastors or business people, move from one ministry to another to not only meet needs as they arise, but to strategically open new areas of ministry. No matter how many years you have to give, the Lord can use your skills."

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